National Education Parents’ Concern Group

National Education Parents’ Concern Group


Power to nominate
  • Nominating Committee and members of the public


Size of the Nominating Committee


  • 100
Composition of the Nominating Committee



  • Individuals directly elected by all registered voters
Electorate base of the Nominating Committee


  • All registered voters
Method of Nominating CE Candidates


  • A person shall be nominated via one of the following two routes:
    1. Civil nomination
      • A nominee having received the signed endorsement of 2% of the registered voters shall be endorsed by the Nominating Committee
    2. Nomination by the Nominating Committee
      • Endorsed by not less than 10 and not more than 25 members of the Nominating Committee


Election method for the CE


  • Two-round, run-off voting system
    • A candidate is elected as the Chief Executive by wining more than 50% of the valid votes
    • If no candidate wins more than 50%, a run-off election shall be held between the two highest-placed candidates
    • The candidate who gets more votes shall be returned as Chief Executive-Elect