Hong Kong Federation of Trade Unions

Hong Kong Federation of Trade Unions

Proposal Source


Power to nominate
  • Nominating Committee


Size of the Nominating Committee


  • 1,200 members will be the basis
  • No more than 1,600 members
Composition of the Nominating Committee



  • Maintain the 4 existing sectors
  • If the Nominating Committee is expanded to be comprised of 1,600 members, 100 seats should be added to each of the 4 existing Sector
  • For the first and second sector, the increase of seat should be proportional to existing arrangement. For the third sector, 100 new seats will be added and the ratio of Labour representatives should increase. For the fourth sector, the 100 new seats should all be District Councilors.
Electorate base of the Nominating Committee


Method of Nominating CE Candidates


  • recommendation by individual Nominating Committee member. A candidate with the support of 5% Nominating Committee member may participate in the nominating procedure
  • Each candidate must obtain support of the majority of the Nominating Committee
  • 2 -3 candidates should be nominated


Election method for the CE


  • candidates must receive majority vote of the votes casted to be elected