Heung Yee Kuk

Heung Yee Kuk

Proposal Source


Power to nominate
  • by Nominating Committee only
  • Against nomination or recommendation by the public or political party


Size of the Nominating Committee


  • Increase to 1600 members. The newly added seats will be evenly distributed to the 4 sectors
Composition of the Nominating Committee



  • 4 sectors and 38 sub-sectors
Electorate base of the Nominating Committee


  • With reference to voting, nomination and automatic membership arrangement of current Election Committee
Method of nominating CE candidates


  • Candidates must first be recommended by at least 1/10 but no more than 1/8 members of each sector, i.e. 40-50 members. Then, the Nominating Committee will vote to select 2 to 3 candidates to become “Chief Executive candidates”
    members of the Nominating Committee has 3 votes
  • Each Nominating Committee member cannot cast more than three votes. Each candidate must obtain majority support to become a “Chief Executive candidate”


Election method for the CE


  • candidate must obtain a majority of the valid votes cast
  • if no candidate can secure sufficient votes in the first round, the two candidates with the highest number of votes would enter the second round of voting