Who should have the power to nominate Chief Executive candidates? Does your vision of universal suffrage require all functional constituencies to be abolished from the Legislative Council? Design Democracy Hong Kong is a unique online platform that promotes constructive and inclusive dialogue on the future of Hong Kong’s political system. It also features an innovative decision tree that allows you to build your own proposal of universal suffrage and to tell others about it.
The Centre for Comparative and Public Law at the University of Hong Kong has closely followed political and constitutional reform issues in Hong Kong since it was established in 1995. Developing a system of universal suffrage is the most important political issue of the day for Hong Kong, as a special administrative region of China. With the government’s delay in commencing a public consultation and the public’s limited opportunity to have a say on these important matters, the Centre of Comparative and Public Law saw an opportunity to develop and launch the Design Democracy website with the aim of promoting a constructive community-based discussion about political reform in Hong Kong.
The website has two main features:

(1) The “Design Your Democracy” section illustrates and explains the key features of electoral design and allows the general public to show their preferences and come up with their own design for Hong Kong’s future democratic electoral systems. By completing the decision tree, individuals can construct their own vision of what they believe a democratic Hong Kong should look like. In stage one of the website launch, users will be able to design models of universal suffrage for the selection of the Chief Executive in 2017. Stage two will enable users to construct a democratic vision of Legislative Council elections. Results can be easily shared across a number of social media platforms or sent directly to government (once the consultation begins).

(2) The “Forum” section provides a space for users to share their views and interact with each other on particular issues or proposals. Visitors can also listen to opinions from other concerned individuals and groups on a particular issue.
The website will also be a place where the public can find out more about the latest news and developments in Hong Kong political reform and read background information on the development of democracy in the HKSAR in the “News” and “Knowledge” sections of the website. Users of the website agree to abide by a Code of Conduct and accept the terms of the Disclaimer.


Join the discussion now! Have your say on democratic development in Hong Kong!