Chow Yung, Robert Proposal

Chow Yung, Robert Proposal

Proposal Source


Power to nominate
  • The Nominating Committee


Size of the Nominating Committee


  • 1600 people
Composition of the Nominating Committee



  • Same method as the present Election Committee, with the inclusion of all 400 popularly elected District Councilors
Electorate base of the Nominating Committee


Method of nominating CE candidates


  • 1st stage
    • Eligible personnel (satisfying the requiring in Article 44 Basic Law) must obtain at least 30, and at most 80, votes from the Nominating Committee
    • That personnel then becomes a potential CE candidate


  • 2nd stage
    • Each of the members of the Nominating Committee has 3 votes
    • The top three potential CE candidates obtaining the most votes shall be nominated as CE candidates


Election method for the CE