Hong Kong 2020

Hong Kong 2020

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Power to nominate
  • The Nominating Committee


Size of the Nominating Committee


  • 1400
Composition of the Nominating Committee



  • Number of seats in each Sector:
    • First Sector: 300
    • Second Sector: 300
    • Third Sector: 300
    • Fourth Sector: 500


  • All corporate votes in the First, Second and Third Sectors are abolished and replaced by individual votes


  • The composition of the Fourth Sector should be amended to include representatives of all other registered voters who are not entitled to elect representatives in the First, Second or Third Sectors


  • The current 117 District Councilors seats in the Fourth Sector of the Election Committee should be replaced by seats directly elected by all registered voters who are not entitled to vote in any other sector


Electorate base of the Nominating Committee


  • The number of seats allocated to each sub-sector should be broadly proportional to the size of that subsector’s electorate
Method of nominating CE candidates


  • Any person who meets the criteria in Article 44 Basic Law and who obtains nominations from at least 1/10 of the total number of NC members will be nominated by the NC


  • No limit on the number of CE candidates


Election method for the CE