Q1: What is the composition of the fifth term Legislative Council?

There are 70 seats in the fifth term Legislative Council (LegCo). 35 LegCo members were returned by geographical constituencies (GC) and the remaining 35 by functional constituencies (FC).


Q2: What are the general qualifications to run for a Legislative Council seat?

  • 21 years old or above
  • A registered voter in the GC, or a registered voter in a relevant FC if he / she is running for a FC seat.
  • Has ordinarily resided in Hong Kong for the 3 years immediately preceding the date of nomination
  • A Chinese citizen who is a permanent resident of Hong Kong with no right of abode in any country other than the People’s Republic of China (PRC).
  • The above nationality requirement does not apply to candidates for these 12 FCs:  Legal; Accountancy; Engineering; Architectural, Surveying & Planning; Real Estate & Construction; Tourism; Commercial (First); Industrial (First); Finance; Financial Services; Import & Export; and Insurance.
  • A candidate for a particular FC should have a substantial connection with that FC.
  • Candidates for District Council (First) and (Second) FCs must be a district councilor.
  • Has not been convicted, in the last 5 years, of any offence for which he / she was sentenced to imprisonment for 3 months or more.


Q3:  What are the constituencies within geographical and functional constituencies respectively? How many seats do they have and what are their electoral base?


Geographical Constituencies

Functional Constituencies

Hong Kong Island (7 seats)

28 “traditional”



(30 seats)

Kowloon West (5 seats)

Kowloon East (5 seats)

New Territories West (9 seats)

New Territories East (9 seats)

District Council (Second)

–        aka “Super Seats” (5 seats)

Seats                 —-  35

Electoral base —-  3,466,201 electors

Traditional seats — 30

Electoral base     — 240,735 electors


“Super seats”      —  5

Electoral base    —  3,219,755 electors


Q4:  What are the vote-counting systems adopted in different constituencies of the Legislative Council election respectively?

Voting System

  • Geographical Constituencies: List Proportional Representation
  • Functional Constituencies (“Super seats”): List Proportional Representation
  • Functional Constituencies (Heung Yee Kuk, Agriculture & Fisheries, Insurance, and Transport): Preferential Elimination
  • Remaining 24 Functional Constituencies: First-past-the-post , “single-seat, single-vote”


Q5:  What is the one-person-two-votes system?

1-person-2-votes System

  • Each elector will have one vote for the GC and one vote for the FC.
  • All GC electors who are not registered in the 28 traditional FCs can choose to vote in the newly created “Super seats” FC.


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