People Power Proposal

People Power Proposal

people's power


Power to nominate
  • Effectively by the members of the public only


  • The Nominating Committee only has the role of verify the validity of nominations


Size of the Nominating Committee



Composition of the Nominating Committee


  • Shall comprise of all popularly elected District Counselor and Legislative Counselor at present
Electorate base of the Nominating Committee


Method of nominating CE candidates


  • The Nominating Committee must endorse one’s candidacy if the potential candidate satisfies the requirement in Article 44 of the Basic Law, and, within a nomination period of at least 4 weeks, satisfies any of the three requirements below:
    • Nomination by 1% of the registered Geographical Constituency voters (approximately 35,000 voters);
    • Nomination by 5% of all Legislative Councilors; or
    • Nomination by 5% of all District Councilors.
Election method for the CE


  • Two-round, run-off system by universal suffrage
    • A candidate is elected as the Chief Executive if he/she wins more than 50% of the valid votes in the first round
    • If no candidate wins the requisite votes in the first round, a run-off election shall be held between the two highest-placed candidates
    • The candidate winning the greater number of valid votes shall be elected as the Chief Executive